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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Complete news on windows 9

Windows 9 preview is expected next month

 Microsoft will be delivering the preview version next month( as expected ).The developers are working on its enhancements to make it ready for the ''technology preview'',it will be known as windows 9.
  Start menu will be back with bang, charms bar will be removed, ''metro-style'' apps that will drift on the desktop in separate windows, and virtual desktop features can be there.
   Windows 9 preview will be most likely windows 8 ( first let developers test windows 8 with omitted features).
                Microsoft is sharing its preview of threshhold to close OEMs and partners and ZDNet reports that a public preview is expected next month or early october. 
        Now let us see after the big flop of windows 8 the microsoft will be able to cope up with the loses and will the windows 9 will be turned into a brimming success or not.

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